Things I Can’t Get Enough Of…Right Now

Hi.  I just thought I’d share a few things that I am really into right now, and something that is driving me crazy.  For your viewing pleasure:


The boy and I are currently inhaling these granola balls for our mid-morning snack.  They are actually really healthy, but don’t taste like it.  Seriously, if the boy eats them, they taste good.  It’s kind of like those old Life cereal commercials with “Mikey likes it”.  I’m trying to stay away from buying any packaged granola bars and these fit the bill pretty well, except they aren’t really portable.  I’m working on that though…  At any rate, they are from the great little blog How Sweet It Is .


Now when you are inhaling peanut butter-y, chocolate-y, oat-y bites of goodness you need to have something to wash them down with right?  Well the boy and I are currently sipping on some of this awesome chai with our granola balls.  If you received a gift from me for Christmas, this likely looks familiar.  The chai is from this blog Foodie With Family .  Also please check out this recipe for sloppy joes, I HATED sloppy joes until I tried these and now I crave them.


My amazing husband made me these shelves for my cookbooks last week when I was doing some organizing in our ancient and non-user friendly kitchen and mentioned that it would be nice to have some place to put my cookbooks, maybe shelves I said?  Fast forward a week and I’ve got a lovely home for my cookbooks right next to the stove, where I am generally chained all day.  :)  Thanks dear, I love them!


This has been my post lunch treat for the past several weeks, notice the equal amount of cool whip to jell-o pudding.  This is the most important part to achieving proper balance in one’s day.  I love cool whip and I am not ashamed…much.


Now to the thing that is driving me crazy.  My baby will be 1 next month and she has been crawling for a few weeks now.  Which is adorable and wonderful and I hate it because she’s getting so big.  But now my little lady has decided to attempt to scale anything and everything as evidenced above.  Ugh.  I’m scared but proud, such is the life of a parent I suppose…

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